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Management Consulting for Company Change

Naldera Advisory Services GmbH is specialized in company transformation. We offer uniquely combined expertise in change and business excellence with extensive cross industry, cross market and international experience. This unique perspective attains value for our clients, be it in mergers & acquisitions (M&A), company succession, growth financing, strategic development, integration (PMI), enterprise technology selection or digitalization projects.

Our assignments are empowered by project management, change management and process excellence to bring projects up to speed. Naldera Advisory Services stands for experience, value, speed and evolution.

We go beyond consulting.

Since 2012 Naldera advised over 250 local and international companies in a multitude of different stages, backgrounds, industries and locations. With this wide international expertise and deep cross industry know how, Naldera helps clients to create change that matters.

Naldera Advisory Services specializes in:

Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)

Sell Side Mandates • Buy Side Mandates • Company Succession • Growth Financing • Technology Ventures
• Mergers • Joint Ventures • Start up Support

M&A is also about adding new enterprise abilities, bringing the right expert into the process at an early stage and knowing the battlefield. Our established network enables us to identify opportunities at an early stage.

As an international M&A boutique we advise buyers on attractive targets and connect sellers with prospective investors. Naldera cooperates with an network of international experts.

Naldera Advisory Services GmbH is equally dedicated to developing innovative company succession solutions and nurturing young high potentials to succeed.

With our post merger integration support we secure and build value for the client long after the deal has been completed.

Naldera guides you through the entire process.


Post Merger Integration • Post Acquisition Integration • Process Integration • IT Integration • Process Excellence
• Change Management • Quality Management • Business Intelligence

Integration support secures the acquired value for the client after the deal has been completed. Our specialists plan PMI concepts, monitor process optimization measures and integrate information and knowledge management systems.

Successful integration requires the right perspective on people, processes and tools. We know the many critical issues that make or break an integration. Our executives are problem solvers by nature, entrepreneurs at heart and professionals with substantial industrial, financial and strategy management consulting experience. A major black box for many integration projects is IT compatibility. Through partnerships with experts and research institutions we use our unique set of skills for pre merger IT analysis or post merger IT integration.

Embracing change to create innovation and value.

Strategic Development

In today’s world of ever changing markets, boundaries blur, positions are continuously reshuffled and newly defined.

To convince stakeholders or investors and to select the right partner for innovation or transformation, it is essential to consider different strategic angles.

Good strategies truthfully concede tough challenges and provide solutions to overcome them.

Our primary objective has always been to be bring added value. By combining deep local insights with international cross industry perspectives.

Naldera Advisory Services develops strategic business opportunities, identifies strategic partnerships and optimizes strategic concepts to accelerate sustainable growth.


There are a multitude of different reasons leading to the need for company change. Today’s leaders aim for innovation, growth, inclusion and sustainability.

Naldera Advisory Services offers cross industry and cross border experience strengthened by five decisive succeeding factors: strategic perspective, project management, change management, quality management, and process excellence.

Our business principles include uncompromised dedication, confidentiality and high loyalty to our clients to achieve breakthrough results and lasting value.

Naldera attains maximum efficiency by building and maintaining strategic alliances with specialists in the industries and regions we advise. One of our key partners in digital transformation is Potsdam Consulting Advisory GmbH.

Slide Background
M&A – Strategic Succession and Growth
Advanced Technical Ceramics, Medical Equipment

The owner of a highly innovative technical ceramics company was interested to explore various options for growth while considering long-term company succession alternatives.


Strategy workshop and evaluation of strategic options
Development of a strategic business plan
Development of a ‘success story’
Preparation of a Teaser and Info Memorandum
dentification of investors and cooperation partners
Communication management
Set-up, structuring, management of Virtual Data Room (VDR)
Management of the due diligence process
Transaction Management

Slide Background
M&A – Succession Management
Environmental Analysis Technologies

The private owner of a group specialized in environmental analysis, required a succession solution and was interested to explore various opportunities.


Market & competition analysis
Identification of potential buyers
Preparation of sales documentation
Contact and negotiation strategy
Negotiations with potential buyers
Coordination of the due diligence process
Transfer of ownership securing jobs and continuity

Slide Background
M&A – Start-up Financing, Growth Capital
Medical Industry, Interventional Cardiology

The spin-off of a company producing PTCA catheters and drug eluting stents required growth capital to pioneer the development of new products. The newly developed heart valve won the prize for best innovation by the German Government, Ministry of Education and Science.


Market and competition analysis
Development of a strategic business plan
Development of a ‘success story’
Preparation of a Teaser and Info Memorandum
Identification of investors and cooperation partners
Communication management

Slide Background
M&A – Transformation and Integration
Processing industry and R&D.

The shareholders of a company developing and producing high-tech coating materials for the photovoltaic, automotive and defence industries were interested in change to enable further growth. Together with a strong partner the company was able to transform and innovate during the post-merger integration process.


Development of a preliminary term sheet
Mediation of interests between the capital fund, shareholders and the works council
Preparation of a Letter of Intent
Coordination of the due diligence process
Development of a post-merger integration concept as a key element of the transaction
Sale of the company and successful transfer of ownership
Project Management of the post-merger integration (PMI) and employee retention throughout the process

Slide Background
M&A – New Technologies
Utility and Energy Industries, Renewable Energy

A leading European utility company considered investing in new technologies to enter the renewable energy market.


Market & competition analysis
Alternative market entry strategies along the value chain

Development of an integrated business plan model

Forecast of shareholder value depending on strategic options

Long list and short list of possible target companies

After presenting acquisition options, key opportunities and risks, the client was able to select a point of entry into the new market

Slide Background
Strategic Business Development – Green Energy Plan
Renewable Energy, Solar, Photovoltaics, Wind

Based on a call for tenders by the Malta Resources Authority and the requirements of stakeholders and investors, a development concept was needed to install PV solar power in Malta. Particular attention had to be paid to the characteristics of the island and the nature conservation areas.


Appraisal of regional particularities, legal and tax situation

Identification of possible PV sites considering shortage of space including solutions such as factory roofs and desalination industry

Business plan with 3 phases including 20 MWp PV solar power, 10 MWp wind power, a tourist attraction and educational center

Initiative to manufacture the aluminum construction locally

Proposal of a sun pension plan for local inhabitants

Preliminary talks with potential international investors

Presentation of the proposal to the Maltese authorities

Slide Background
M&A – Turnaround
Fashion and Jewelry

An American client in fashion and jewelry manufacturing suffered from continuously declining profits. A preliminary analysis showed the company needed to optimize the manufacturing process and improve profit and expense control measures.


Analysis of company processes

Analysis of client base and product portfolio

Analysis of sales channels, marketing and cost sectors

Development of a turnaround concept

Identification of potential investors

Management of communication between all parties

Coordination of the transaction process

Successful implementation of the turn-around concept

Slide Background
M&A – Company Succession
Construction Industry, Cross-Border

The owners of a family-owned business in the Swiss construction industry needed strategic advice and an overall coordinating transaction manager.


Transaction Management

Selection of potential buyers

Preparation of a teaser and information memorandum

Business Plan and company valuation

Organization of the due diligence process

Management of communication between all parties

Determination of negotiation policy

Successful sale of the group of companies (50% higher than seller's initial expectation)

Slide Background
M&A – Market Share Increase
Cosmetics and Beauty Industry

An international client in the cosmetics industry with a variety of skin care brands, launched a new line to target an age specific segment of the market, aiming to acquire a larger market share of the relevant demographic group. However, the preliminary launch showed unsatisfactory results.


Analysis of key market and competition factors and overall strategic position of that line

Analysis of the product launch response, in particular with the demographic group

Strategy discussions with management

Identification of acquisition opportunities to realize the client’s objective to increase market share

Communication management

Advice on acquisition strategy and reorganization

Successful acquisition

Slide Background
Project Management – Industrial Plant Ramp-Up
Metallurgy, Titanium, Aerospace, Energy, MedTech

Industrial plant ramp-up and interim management for a Sino-German Joint-Venture building a Greenfield high-tech factory in China to produce master alloys for quality sensitive industries such as aerospace, chemical industry, power plants and medical fittings.


Start-up management, program management, operational controlling

Design, implementation and streamlining of structures and processes

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) selection process and implementation

Quality & Certification including Quality Concept, QMS, Process Excellence, FMEA, ISO certification, customer certification

Organizational development & Human Resources management including recruiting, contracting and coaching

R&D and Innovation Management

IT and Site Security Management

Solutions for complex international legal, tax , import, export issues

Slide Background
Strategic Business Development – JV China
Metallurgy, Titanium, Aerospace, Energy

Concept and Realization Management for an Industrial Plant in China: Following an IPO, a Chinese materials company wanted to diversify its product portfolio and build a high-tech factory producing materials for the aerospace, chemical and energy industry. They required a Joint Venture partner to conceptualize and realize the project together.


Overall concept, financing approach, detailed business plan and set-up of a Sino-German joint-venture company

Marketing and sales concept for national and international markets

Contract negotiations with Chinese partners and authorities

Factory plan & layout, engineering, environmental study

Supervision of the construction and successful commissioning

Relationship management with banks, investors, authorities, potential suppliers and future customers of the titanium and aerospace industry

Slide Background
Strategic Development – Growth and Expansion
Luxury Beverage Industry

A sparkling wine brand wanted to further drive and expand its business internationally. Although the brand was available in most countries, sales were stagnating abroad. The company recognized a need to further develop the international strategy, taking into account the different cultures and habits of the consumers.


Research regarding impact of culture and habits on country specific high end beverage sales developments

Evolution of the existing overall strategy into a country specific international strategy based on different cultures and habits

Planning of the strategy implementation process and further steps to improve image and positioning

Implementation of measures to push marketing

Strategic targeting of key individuals for product placement

Definition of measures to improve relationship with distributors

Promotion of inter-cultural events and International Liaison

Slide Background
Strategic Development – Cross Border Market Entry
Animal Feed Additives

A leading European producer of animal feed additives needed support in setting up an Asian distribution and production company. Target markets included China, Thailand and Vietnam.


Market & competition analysis for several product lines in Asia

Definition of an action plan for three countries

Development of a concept for obtaining market approval with the national governments

Analysis of the local office and warehouse space situation

Recommendation for a multi-continental organizational structure

Establishment of three local companies and a regional HQ in Hong Kong including legal & tax issues

Slide Background
Strategic Turn-Around with Technology Licensing
Software Industry, Dental Industry

A client in the dental industry pioneered morphing software to illustrate the ‘before and after’ look of orthodontia. Straightening the teeth affects not only the smile but also the entire lower half of the face shape. At that point, the company had run into cash difficulties and needed capital.


Definition of the unique selling points (USP) and options for image enhancement

Analysis of the current client base, cross-market expansion ideas and potential new avenues of use

Repositioning of sales and marketing efforts and implementation of controlling techniques

Development of a business plan exploring various options ranging from sale of the company, expansion in new markets, to licensing opportunities

Development of a detailed licensing strategy for different market segments

Slide Background
M&A – Turnaround and Transaction Management
Liquor and Wine Industry, Beverages

Following a significant drop in sales revenue, a traditional beverage company selling hard liquor and wines required effective turn-around measures. The company had recently launched a new product line, but the consumer response had been disappointing.


Vulnerability assessment and implementation of steps to improve transparency

Innovation of marketing and sales strategy and definition of measures to boost sales in all product lines

Search, identification and approach of an investor to facilitate financing of the turn-around measures

Successful implementation of turn-around measures

Planning of a visitors’ centre including an audio-visual exhibition and a guided tour of the distillery

The implementation of measures led to an expansion of the distillery facilities to satisfy international demand

Slide Background
Strategic Business Development – Growth Strategy
IT Industry, Chip Industry

A client in the chip industry pursuing an aggressive growth strategy wanted to expand the capital-intensive production base. The management asked us to investigate the chances of an IPO as a means of additional financing, and as an exit path for current shareholders.


Analysis of market, competition and strategic position

Reflection and discussion of objectives and motives of the IPO

Financial analysis

Review and optimization of the business plan

Analysis of the internal readiness for the IPO by means of using checklists, benchmarking and company internal analysis together with an investment bank

Quantification of IPO proceeds and comparison to other sources of financing together with an investment bank

Slide Background
Reconciliation of interests – HQ and Operations
Security Systems, Alarm Systems

A Dax listed company required an evaluation of a subsidiary manufacturing large-scale security systems. Basis of contention was the level of decision-making authority between HQ and the European units.


Personnel structure and process analysis in the HQ and operative units

Interviews with employees of various functions and levels to overcome shortcomings in the flow of information from and to HQ

Identification of process weaknesses and counter measures

Detailing of Business Process Reengineering (BPR) measures to improve efficiency, eliminate weaknesses and reduce cost

Development of a new global sales & marketing organization

Slide Background
Strategic Development – Airport Infrastructure
Transportation Industry, Aviation, Airports

International Airport Infrastructure Investment: An international airport wanted to increase its passenger capacity by adding another runway and investing in the airport infrastructure.


Analysis of market and competition and strategic position

Configuration of an interdisciplinary project team, determination of the level of planning detail, responsibilities and time schedule

Definition of capital expenditure plan

Development of an airport-specific integrated business plan model with 30-year planning horizon

Forecast of revenues and operating costs

Determination of capital budget and funding requirements

Financial valuation of various investment alternatives

Slide Background
M&A – Recapitalization / Strategic Realignment

After a large shipyard had to file for bankruptcy, the recently acquired companies in the East had to be separated, recapitalized and prepared under EU law for a second transaction.


Strategy discussions with trustees, shareholders, management, worker union and major suppliers

New strategic approach

Business plans and cash forecast for the three main companies

Concept development with special regard to EU law

Negotiations and successful recapitalization

Support and guidance of the international transaction together with investment banks

Slide Background
Restructuring with Asset Deal Reorganization
Electronics Industry

A supplier of a telecommunications company with numerous subsidiaries ran into difficulties regarding the extension of revolving credits and bank guarantees after a two-year decline in sales.


International market & competition analysis for the core business divisions

Expert analysis of the printed circuit business and assessment of the investment gap after years of underinvestment

Development of a strategic restructuring concept

Development of a financial restructuring concept including haircut and repayment of waived loans with future profits for over 20 creditors together with the trustee

Support of the trustee regarding creditor settlement negotiations

Successful asset deals for major parts of the company

Slide Background
M&A – Strategic Restructuring
Shipbuilding Industry, Diesel Engines

After the bankruptcy of a shipyard holding company, a subsidiary manufacturing large diesel engines for container ships had to be restructured and sold. The scope included international commerce and the associated spare parts business.


Strategy discussions with the shareholder, management, worker union and suppliers

Development of a strategic restructuring concept

Securing of short-time financing and bill guarantees

Definition of search criteria

Identification of long list and short list buyers

Contacting of potential buyers and Letter of Intent (LOI)

Successful asset deal

Slide Background
M&A – Government Advisor
Strategic Advisor for Sale of > 500 companies

The BvS (former THA) was responsible for the sale and strategic new orientation of former East German companies. A steering committee was set-up by the German Ministry of Finance in order to evaluate and oversee the transactions. Executives of Naldera Advisory Services were members of the steering committee during their time working for Arthur D. Little International (ADL).


A committee consisting of two partners from two international consulting companies and one partner from an international auditing company) was set-up to evaluate and oversee the transactions. 

The scope of work included all industry sectors

Slide Background
M&A – Preparation for US Capital Markets Offering (EU Project)
Oil, Gas, Mining and Metallurgy Industries

A Russian key supplier of machinery for core industries such as oil, gas, mining and metallurgy with over 25.000 employees required strategic and corporate financing support to internationalize the business in close cooperation with the Russian Privatization Center (RPC).


Analysis of market, competition and strategic position

Strategy discussions with management, shareholders and investment banks

Development of a strategic restructuring concept

Financial analysis and determination of funding requirements

Corporate finance concept in conjunction with a capital increase and a US stock market listing (ADR)

Slide Background
Strategic Development – Transformation
Technology & Incubator Center, Technology Partnerships, R&D

The former 'Academy of Science' (over 60 R&D institutes and production facilities, approx. 22,000 employees) needed modernization after the German reunification. The concept for Berlin-Adlershof created a 'Center of Science and Economy' that is amongst the largest in Europe.


International market and competition analysis

Development of the basic concept and capital requirements

Downsizing, privatization or shutting down of redundant facilities

Acquisition of investors with focus on safeguarding jobs

Acquisition of the project 'third generation' of synchrotron radiation / photon source (Bessy II)

Concept development 'Technology Transfer East' (TTO)

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